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Event photographer

   Event communication is a communication tool separate from other media tools, internally or externally, used by a company or institution, in order to organize an event, usually in the form of a:

• trade fair
• congress
• festival
• convention
• festive evening
• cocktail event
• award ceremony

For an event in Cannes, a photographer has to take into account many parameters which include :

• A variety of situations for example technical shooting
• Good knowledge of stakeholders and participants
• The focus of communication which will be driven by the report
• Highlights, key images
• Messages communicated
• Integration among the participants while remaining discreet
• Local and global coverage of the event

The event report is a true lever of marketing and communication for the participants and the media, but why so?
These events are often organised in venues that are well-known and sometimes even prestigious, and thus much is invested on the organization and the atmosphere:

• lighting specialist
• sound engineer
• decorator
• director
• artists (musician, actor, host, performers, dancers etc..)

  This staging aims to bring together business professionals and create for them a welcoming space where they can interact efficiently and effectively.
But the event is by definition ephemeral and intense. The photographic report reflects back the mood, intensity, quality of the relationships that were developped, the magic of the organization, the power of the messages past, the value of the event …  In the era of the image multiplied on all kinds of screens, participants relive these special moments again and again in the months and years to come.

On the other hand, the images will form the basis to transmit the main ideas conveyed at the event, it shows what you have undertaken and passed on at this occasion … A few lines will suffice to support it.
The photographs will be the irreplaceable lever of corporate communications internally and externally as well as for your marketing campaigns!



Christian Roy Photographer Reporter





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