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Galas photographer

The word Gala has numerous meanings:

  • A sumptuous feast of an official person, for example a gala day, a formal dress event

  • A support gala is a demonstration in support of a cause or a charity

  • In the colloquial sense, a ceremonial meal

  • “Gala” which is a variety of apple

  • GALA ! A very well-known magazine.


 Very interesting you might say, but I don’t believe that you came on my website for the love of fruit or celebrity press. Thus, let us stay on gala evenings and official receptions (for example, product demonstrations/product launch events, parades, and other festive evening events).

The gala evening event requires a careful adaptation to the environment, to the participants, to the decoration(settings), to the lighting and to the event in progress. Punctuated by rewards being handed out (trophies, certificates, presents, etc.) and the speeches throughout the evening, these key moments must be captured during the report, but how?

Thanks to strong feelings being expressed like :

  • having fun,

  • happiness to be grouped together,

  • complicity, sharing,

 It makes your report stand out, of course not forgetting the beauty of the venue and the attractiveness of the guests!

The product launch party or festive event requires also a very good contact with the attendees during the shooting to end up with shots that are of a documentary nature: dynamic in action. A natural and authentic real message should be communicated through the photo-reporting. The photographer must be accepted by the attendees with good humor and fun.

These special evenings require a good mastery of lighting, timing and artistic touch to achieve group pictures, table groups, speakers, participants, possibly artists (dancers, singers, actor, host …) in the early evening and until the last dance!




Christian Roy Photographer Reporter





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