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Customers : Cnn, Amazon Ads, Caron parfum, Lierac, Piaget, Schlumberger, Ibm, Microsoft,Sony, Nokia, Exxon, Total, Ralph Lauren, L'Oreal, Engie, Facebook, Visa, Volkswagen, Dom Perignon, Roche, Ipsen, Cartier, Janssen, Lcl, Axa, Baron de Rothschild distribution, Puig, Gdf Suez, Ishlt, Mercedes, Placeiq, Piaget, Lagardere, Dress summer, Regions Group, etc.

  I’m a professional events photographer who on a regular basis works for well-known international corporate clients. My role is to take representative pictures of the company’s event whether it is a meeting, a workshop, a ceremony, a conference, a team-building session or any other business related get-together.

  Before becoming a professional photographer, I worked as a Manager in sales and marketing in several big companies for 15 years. I’ve learnt how to identify and adapt my style of photo-reporting to each company’s own unique philosophy and values to best portray them in my photo representation of the company.

  My dual educational background in Marketing and in Management, allows me to in depth understand the company’s communication strategy and its organization in the blink of an eye, to identify the core message and team-spirit that the company wants to communicate, and thus I can adapt my graphic approach in a flash to precisely communicate the key issues that the company wants to have captured on film.

  My work leads me to interact with people in different fields, in a variety of job-categories and all over the spectrum of management levels, from the bottom to the top and transversely. Being able to interact and put at ease all the role-players, are important factors for me in my job to be able to deliver the most representative reminder of each event, and thus satisfying my clients and their teams.

For me what makes a great snapshot, is that shot which manages to capture a real emotion, that feeling which communicates the experience at each special event. If my client smiles and nods when he sees those pictures, I know that I’ve done my Event photographer reporter in Cannes job well.

Christian Roy Photographer Reporter





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