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Seeing your Event, Through the Eyes of My Lens

Corporate Cannes-Monaco photographer





     With over 10 years’ experience, Cannes,Nice,Monaco photographer Christian Roy has been commissioned for many photo shoots in various industrial and corporate environments. As an accomplished photographer, he is an expert at bringing a wide range of occasions to life through artful images, including:

  • Conferences and trade-shows

  • Team-building and incentives

  • Gala dinners and parties


How to proceed?


     We will determine your needs and line of communication (relaxation, work, innovation, personnel management, team-spirit, new leaders, etc.) The plenaries shooting will be very important in the sense that it will transmit your expectations: your important messages and values will be conveyed through this photo-reportage and then shared by various ways such as blogs, newsletters or illustrations.

In the same way, your event photographer will give as much importance to your incentives or team building activities with one communication line: team spirit, cohesion, collusion and commitment and all your company’s values should be reflected in his photos.

     To be a photographer in Cannes requires a very sharp knowledge of your company and its values to be able to capture your event, from wide shots to details, in every moment, grasping the brief perfectly for the end result to be exactly what was required.

Cannes Monaco

Corporate & Congress Photographer






  This section deals with the company policy and contributes to its reputation and organization communication on such occasions as congresses, presentations for potential investors and clients, new products or new strategic axes revelations. In the same way, we will work out your needs in terms of external and internal company communication.

The photographer’s role in this essential point, will be crucial and will give you a seamless experience from start to finish, capturing the honest emotion of your event. The photos will thus be central to your strategic, financial and marketing messages as well as the overall cohesion spirit during the event.

Gala Reception Photographer


   The gala receptions reflect the company’s communication towards its employees and partners. That is also a privileged moment when relaxing, spontaneity and happiness prevail. A magical moment for everyone and very often lot of money is invested during these receptions: as time is money, we are flexible and understand how important it is to produce excellent photography for unmissable deadlines and within very short timescales. Our work covers all types of photographic assignment, ranging from individual and group portraits with managerial team. The photographer will bring a unique mix based on team spirit, joy and happiness, and the company’s gathering ability, sharing this major event, meaningful and worth remembering for years to come.


    Many months after, when looking at the portfolio, participants would say: “Do you remember, that was great fun!”

Prize-giving ceremonies often take place during these receptions. They are most of the time the fruit of one year of hard work, a vehicle for recognition and a source for collaborator’s motivation. The photographer, through his photo-reportage, will be a key lever in highlighting the human values of your Company.


Christian Roy
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